Döveç Group Became the First Construction Company in Cyprus to Receive IREC Certificate

Döveç Group Became the First Construction Company in Cyprus to Receive IREC Certificate





Döveç Group had established a Solar Power Plant in Aslan Köy in 2019, producing electricity with a power of 1100 kWp from 3336 pieces of 330 Watt solar panels on an area of ​​20 decares. Döveç accredited its environmental sensitivity by documenting the power plant, which can produce 2 million kWh of electrical energy, sufficient for approximately 400 residences in a 365-day period, and prevents carbon dioxide emissions as much as it can clean more than 62,000 trees per year, with the international IREC Certificate. Thus, Döveç Group became the first company in the construction sector to certify the use of renewable energy in Cyprus with an international certificate.

REC (Renewable Energy Certificate) is a type of Energy Attribute Certificate (EAC) that represents the environmental characteristics of one megawatt hour (MWh) of energy production produced by renewable sources. I-REC renewable energy certificate is accepted as a reliable and auditable evaluation organization by the world's leading reporting organizations such as GHGP, CDP and RE100.

Döveç Group of Companies, which organizes sapling planting events with "healthy living, environmental awareness and social responsibility awareness", leads activities to clean natural areas, pays attention to interaction with the environment in material selection, and attaches importance to the use of renewable energy resources, now produces 100% of the energy it consumes. It has certified with I-REC, an international certificate, that it meets its reputation from zero-carbon green energy sources.

Döveç Group Board Member Buğra Döveç stated that, as a company, they are constantly working to fulfill their responsibilities towards the environment at the highest level possible, with the vision of "A Clean Breath for the Future". He stated that the solar power plant they implemented in Aslanköy prevented the emission of 1,400,000 kg of carbon dioxide annually. He also pointed out that the amount of electricity consumed by all Döveç Group companies is covered by renewable energy. He thanked BAR-ER Energy Ltd, which installed the Döveç Solar Power Plant, and Powertech Engineering & Consultancy Ltd., which was the solution partner in the I-REC Certification process, for their contribution to the development of Green Energy Certificates in TRNC.

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