The Groundbreaking Ceremony of Muharrem Döveç Secondary School was Held

The Groundbreaking Ceremony of Muharrem Döveç Secondary School was Held





Within the framework of the protocol signed by Döveç Group with the Ministry of National Education, the groundbreaking ceremony of Muharrem Döveç Secondary School, which will bring a new breath in the field of education to the İskele region, was held on November 23 at 10:30.

This prestigious project, carried out in cooperation with the Ministry of National Education and Döveç Group, will make a significant contribution to the education infrastructure of the region.

A Special and Meaningful Ceremony:

Financed by Döveç Group and targeted to be implemented with a budget of approximately 75 Million TL, Muharrem Döveç Secondary School will bring the modern education approach and advanced technology to the region. The ceremony started by reflecting respect for the memory of Muharrem Döveç, the founder of Döveç Group, which bears the school's name.

The school, which will be built on a total area of ​​8 thousand square meters, will be equipped with the latest technology and will contribute to meeting an important need by increasing the quality of education in the İskele region.

The construction of this private school is being implemented as part of the "You Build a School" campaign, as an indication of Döveç Group's vision of adding value to the regions it serves.

Döveç Group Director Burçin Döveç emphasized the importance of the project, stating that the contribution to the education sector will play a great role in shaping the future of young people, and expressed her belief that this meaningful project will be a new turning point in İskele's educational journey.

In the statement made by Döveç Group, it was stated that this step taken to ensure that our young people, who are the guarantee of our future, receive the best education is a source of great honor and happiness, and all our people were invited to the groundbreaking ceremony of Muharrem Döveç Secondary School.

As Döveç Group, we are very proud of the effort we made to realize this project and that we will contribute to the İskele region.

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