Döveç Didnt Forget The Children in Eid Qurban

döveç didnt forget the children in eid qurban






    Döveç Group did not forget the children in Eid Qurban

    Döveç Group, which serves with the slogan of a Loving Home for Every Child, didn't forget the children.

    The Döveç Group family, which adopted social responsibility projects as a principle, has added a new one to the favor movements again today. Döveç team visited SOS Children's Village for our children, who are the smiling faces of our society and the guarantees of our future. Festive gifts specially prepared for children were delivered to the SOS Children's Village Authorities, which served with the slogan of a loving home for every child by the Döveç Group's team of kindness volunteers.

    Döveç Group, Group Board Member Buğra Döveç stated that they know the importance of sharing as a company and they will continue their social responsibility projects at all times. Emphasizing that it is a unique feeling to make children happy, Döveç stated that all children deserve the best conditions. Continuing his words by saying that, to put a smile on the face of a child is to shed light on the future of that child, Buğra Döveç thanked the Döveç Group employees who contributed to this event and SOS Children's Village. SOS Children's Village Officers presented a Certificate of Appreciation to Döveç Group for their kind and thoughtful visits.


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