House Prices in Cyprus

house prices in cyprus






    Real Estate Market

    High housing prices in Cyprus make it difficult for people to own a house. In recent years, the presence of many real estate companies in Cyprus, the construction of new projects by many domestic and foreign companies, and the increase in the number of residences have created a balancing in prices. In order to meet the needs of people, our company produces projects related to house options in different regions, suitable for the budget of all segments. We provide service to all segments with our normal apartments and comfortable and luxurious villa projects that meet the needs of people.

    Real Estate Companies in Cyprus

    Due to the constant immigration of Cyprus and being a tourism region, there is a constant need for housing. Many construction companies from England, Russia and Israel have started to invest in Cyprus, which is seen as a good investment region in real estate. Many companies from our country also carry out various projects in Cyprus. This causes more luxurious houses to be built at more affordable prices.

    Market Prices

    Our company, which provides real estate services, coordinates both the seller and the buyer in the sale and purchase of houses in Cyprus and ensures that both parties carry out their transactions without being victimized. With our brokerage services, we help the parties to make transactions at an affordable price. Our professional teams help sellers determine the true value of their homes, and buyers identify homes and regions to buy based on their income. One of the biggest reasons for the high house prices in Cyprus is the lack of sufficient number of houses.

    There are three big islands in the Mediterranean and one of these islands is Cyprus. There are two countries on the island of Cyprus and one of them is the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus. The Turkish part constitutes 30% of the island of Cyprus. A large part of the citizens of the Turkish Republic of Cyprus reside with their families and reside in the houses they owned long ago. Cyprus housing prices are seen as very high by those who want to set up a new house. There are many reasons for high house prices. One of them is the high logistics costs since it is an island country and these costs are reflected in the housing prices. New residences are constantly being built for those residing in Cyprus or immigrating here.

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