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La Casalia

While the azure waters of the Mediterranean offer endless tranquility, the mysterious veil of history whispers a new secret at every moment. Rising against the azure waters of the Mediterranean, La Casalia is not only a testament to modern luxury but also carries the mysterious veil of the past upon itself.


Hospital 36.2 km
Mall 37.6 km
Cafe On Site
Beach 0 km
Restaurant On Sİte
Airport 53.9 km
University 24.4 km
Market On Sİte
GYM On Site
ATM & Bank On Site
Tatlısu, Girne, Cyprus
Price Starting From £204.000
La Casalia


La Casalia is a corner of paradise nestled in the northern part of Cyprus, overlooking the crystal-clear waters of the Mediterranean, where tranquility and rejuvenation converge. In this unique project, a wellness and health experience nourished by the power of nature is offered, with every detail meticulously designed to allow visitors to rediscover themselves and reconnect with the world. La Casalia opens the doors to a healthy and balanced lifestyle, offering personalized programs and guidance from experienced experts.

Rising against the azure waters of the Mediterranean, La Casalia is not just a symbol of modern luxury but also a place steeped in history, carrying the mysterious veil of the past. Enveloped in the richness of ancient times, this place offers its residents the opportunity to deeply connect with the past, becoming a cradle of culture and art in the timeless lands of Akanthou. While paying homage to this deep and rich history, La Casalia provides a living space that pushes the boundaries of contemporary luxury and comfort.

The project blends the cultural heritage of the past with the comforts of modern living, offering an extraordinary lifestyle. Inspired by the spirit of ancient Akanthou, La Casalia whispers the wisdom of the past in every corner, providing a peaceful environment with a design ethos deeply intertwined with nature. The wellness and spa concept lies at the heart of healthy living, combining the healing wisdom of the past with innovative techniques of the future.

In the embrace of mythology and nature, La Casalia offers a life woven with the legend of Aphrodite, tracing the footsteps of the goddess of love and beauty in a magical embrace of mythology and nature. Each villa and apartment, designed with aesthetics and elegance reflecting the beauty of the goddess and the enchantment of love, offers moments of tranquility greeting the sunset.

The 5-star Wellness Concept Hotel with 220 beds is designed to offer an unforgettable wellness experience. The spa area, sports facilities, massage and beauty services cater to physical and spiritual needs, while two à la carte restaurants elevate culinary experiences to new heights. La Casalia, with its modern architecture and harmonious design with nature, offers the opportunity to rejuvenate both body and mind.

La Casalia's Signature Series stands out by blending the intricacies of modern living with luxury and comfort, presenting structures that dominate the breathtaking views of the Mediterranean, offering aesthetics and functionality together. With 402 luxury units offering various residential options, residents are promised a unique lifestyle, while a stylish restaurant and snack bar offer delightful moments.

La Casalia Central Park and Akanthus Park provide residents with a peaceful environment with expansive green spaces and natural beauty. The marina and International Sailors Club offer a private living space designed for sea lovers, while water sports, restaurants serving world cuisines, and cafes create a lifestyle center catering to every need.

La Casalia not only offers a residential project but also presents a rich art of living. Challenging the enchantment of history and nature, this paradise invites you to an unforgettable living experience. Living in these unique spaces, each with its own story, you will experience the richness of history and culture. In La Casalia, in a paradise nestled in the embrace of the Mediterranean, you will set sail for new discoveries every day and enjoy a life intertwined with nature

Fire detector
Video Intercom
Guest Toilet
Smoke detector
Central Satellite
Air Conditioning
24/7 Security
Disabled Road
Disabled Parking
Aqua Park
Spa Center
Water Sports
Turkish Hamam
Vehicle Charging Station
Car park
Kids Pool
La Casalia


La Casalia


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La Casalia

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La Casalia


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