Personal Accident Insurance

personal accident insurance

Personal accident insurance is a type of insurance that guarantees the policyholder, that is, the insured individual, due to the risks that unexpected accidents may occur. Personal accident insurance is the insurance that insures the insured persons in case of permanent disability as a result of an accident, and their legal heirs in case of death.

What is Personal Accident Insurance and What are the Renewal Conditions?

Personal accident insurance covers you or your relatives in case of injury, disability or death as a result of an accident that occurs outside the will of the person, that is, unexpectedly. The main guarantees included in the policy agreement are accidental death coverage and accidental permanent disability, in other words, permanent disability coverage.

In order to have Personal Accident Insurance, you can contact the insurance agency privately and create a payment plan that suits the size of your family, your budget and your needs. In this way, you can protect yourself and your family with peace of mind in case of any unexpected accident.

Personal Accident Insurance is valid for one year. The insurance policy is renewed by automatic order every year until the age of 64 of the individual, but no increase is made in the amount of coverage after the age of 60 of the individual. The main guarantees included in the Personal Accident Insurance agreement are loss of life as a result of an accident, permanent disability as a result of an accident, and treatment expenses as a result of an accident.

What is the Scope of Personal Accident Insurance?

The main purpose of the insured individual who died due to an accident is to the family and dependents of the insured individual; In case of permanent disability as a result of an accident, it is to provide financial support to the insured individual. With the allowance to be provided by the Personal Accident Insurance, the family of the individual is provided with the opportunity to protect the house they live in, to earn their living and to pay the expenses such as school installments and bills of the children.

The scope of personal accident insurance is quite wide. “What does personal accident insurance cover?” As an answer to the question, apart from unexpected accidents, an example of your insurance policy against extra earthquake, flood, landslide and terrorist events can be given as an example.

In Which Situations Does Personal Accident Insurance Pay?

  • Personal accident insurance pays in case the individual who has the insurance dies due to an accident.
  • In case of hospital and treatment costs due to the accident, personal accident insurance pays.
  • Personal accident insurance pays in case the insured individual experiences full or partial disability (disability) due to an accident.
  • Compensation is paid if the person who took out the insurance dies immediately as a result of the accident, or within one year from the date of the accident, or in case of permanent disability (disability) within two years.
  • In the following cases, which are defined as accident, personal accident insurance pays: Injury, sprain and rupture of muscles and nerves due to burns and a sudden movement, poisoning as a result of snake or insect and insect bites, and rabies caused by being bitten. state of death or bodily malfunctions.
  • Payment for personal accident insurance is made to the individual due to the daily routine dressing and doctor examination costs incurred as a result of the accident.


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