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    With its professional real estate consultants who have devoted their years to the real estate sector, it meets the accommodation needs of the people of Cyprus and the guests coming here in a quality and safe manner. In the works you organize within the framework of Cyprus house prices, we determine prices that do not make both the buyer and the seller aggrieved, and we ensure that both parties benefit from their shopping. Our real estate consultants and staff, who are experts in the field of Cyprus real estate, offer you all kinds of accommodation needs in terms of both sale and rental house advertisements, at prices that are suitable for your budget.  As we know, since the sales in Cyprus Real Estate and housing market are made in Sterling, it differs quite a bit compared to the Turkish Real Estate market.

    What is the Difference Between Cyprus Housing Market and Turkish Housing Market?

     Cyprus, which is described as the offspring homeland of our country, differs greatly compared to our country when it is examined socially, culturally and economically. If we consider the baby country Cyprus in terms of logistics, we witness that 38% of the corporate companies using the sea route have to add the logistics costs to the house sales in addition to the market costs to the Cyprus real estate sector. The difference in cost areas is one of the most important factors affecting Cyprus house prices. Our professional team serving in the field of real estate in Cyprus gathers property owners who want to evaluate their properties in order to meet the accommodation needs of those living in Cyprus and those who will immigrate or come here as guests, and provide all kinds of support for both the buyer and the seller to make a profitable shopping.

    Why Cyprus House Prices Are High Compared to Turkish Market

    Our real estate agency and expert real estate consultants, who have devoted their years to the Cyprus housing sector, think that the supply-demand balance in Cyprus house prices is not smooth, and therefore house prices are much higher than the Turkish housing market. On the other hand, the scarcity of houses in Cyprus increases the demands of property owners a little more. Even in rental houses, we see that the landlords are very strict about the prices and make the tenants suffer a lot. Those who do not want to have problems in buying and selling houses in Cyprus can contact our institution and get all kinds of support from our expert real estate consultants to meet their housing needs with affordable prices both in Cyprus houses for sale and rental houses.

    Hosting domestic and foreign tourists from all parts of the world every year, the baby homeland of Cyprus also attracts great attention in the field of real estate. House prices in Cyprus, which is described as the land of opportunities compared to Europe, attracts great attention especially from British families. Cyprus, one of the three big islands of the  Mediterranean; It is divided into two as the Greek part and the Turkish part. You can contact us at any time for TRNC house prices, which attract the attention of domestic and foreign real estate investors with its long summer season, its magnificent natural beauties and its deep blue sea.

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