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    Experienced real estate advisors are here in Cyprus to meet the housing needs of both locals and guests. By approaching property prices in Cyprus fairly, we strike a balance that satisfies both buyers and sellers. Our expert team offers budget-friendly housing options with properties for sale and rental homes. It's important to note that in Cyprus, housing market transactions are conducted in Sterling, which offers a different dynamic from Turkey.

    How Is the Cyprus Housing Market Different from Turkey?

    Cyprus is significantly different from Turkey in terms of its social, cultural, and economic aspects. From a logistics perspective, the corporate companies that prefer sea transportation for Cyprus incur additional logistic costs, considering that 38% of sea routes are used. This difference is one of the fundamental factors that affect house prices in Cyprus. Our professional team brings together property owners who want to meet the housing needs of both residents in Cyprus and those coming to the island and provides support for both parties to make a profitable deal.

    Reasons for Higher Housing Prices in Northern Cyprus Compared to the Turkish Market

    Reasons for Higher Housing Prices in Northern Cyprus Compared to the Turkish Market

    Our expert consultants, who have devoted years to the real estate sector, believe that housing prices in Cyprus are higher than those in Turkey due to supply and demand imbalances. Moreover, in Cyprus, housing is limited, which means that property owners tend to raise prices. Even in rental housing, we observe that landlords are strict about prices and may inconvenience tenants. Those who do not want to experience difficulties in buying and selling houses in Cyprus can get support from our expert real estate consultants to meet their housing needs at affordable prices.

    Feel free to reach out to us if you are considering purchasing property in Cyprus, a destination that attracts not only tourists from all over the world every year but also the attention of real estate investors, especially British families, with its long summer season, natural beauty, and crystal-clear sea.

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