Universities and Base Scores in Cyprus

universities and base scores in cyprus






    The tourism paradise Cyprus also offers excellent opportunities for university candidates. In addition, the low base scores of Northern Cyprus universities give students the chance to study at very good universities.

    Cyprus offers high standards in terms of education and there is an atmosphere created by students from all over the world in Cyprus. Being a student in Cyprus means much more than an enjoyable experience. Many students who cannot enter the department they want in Turkey can enter the departments they want in Cyprus universities. You can better understand this situation by looking at examples from the base scores of Cyprus universities:

    • Eastern Mediterranean University (TRNC) / Computer Engineering (English) - (Scholarship) 420,95334
    • University of Kyrenia (TRNC) / Aeronautical Engineering (English) - (Scholarship) 435,89586
    • Cyprus International University (TRNC) / Law - (Scholarship) 395,11787
    • Near East University (TRNC) / Medicine - (Scholarship) 490,84532
    • Girne American University (TRNC) / Pharmacy (English) - (Scholarship) 455,61268
    • Final International University (TRNC) / Special Education Teaching - (Scholarship) 378,27973
    • Cyprus University of Social Sciences / Translation and Interpreting - (Scholarship) 234,57323

    The Most Preferred Departments in Cyprus

    The Most Preferred Departments in Cyprus

    There are universities in Cyprus preferred by students from both Turkey and different countries of the world. Certain departments of universities are more popular. Promising sections are more preferred sections. Among the popular courses in Cyprus universities, the following stand out:

    • Law
    • Dentistry
    • Pharmacy
    • Medicine
    • Nursing
    • Psychology

    The most preferred university in Cyprus stands out as the Near East University. Cyprus universities have high educational standards. And there are many scholarship opportunities. For this reason, especially those with scholarships from the above departments are very popular.

    What are the advantages of being a student in Cyprus?

    Since the base scores of Cypriot universities are lower, first of all, students can study in the departments they want. Since the education standards of universities are high, students can graduate fully equipped. In terms of facilities, universities provide a wide range of opportunities to students. Besides all these, living in Cyprus is a very special experience. With its cosmopolitan structure, Cyprus offers students the opportunity to develop their language skills. There are opportunities to socialize with students from different parts of the world. The geography and climate of Cyprus is very beautiful. Students also get the chance to take a vacation while studying. In addition, scholarships and other opportunities create various opportunities for students to live better.

    Where to Stay While Studying in Cyprus

    Where to Stay While Studying in Cyprus?

    Students going to Cyprus prefer residences close to the university in order to live more freely, comfortably and comfortably. Furnished studio apartments are popular with students who want to live alone. However, a few students can get together and live in very luxurious apartments. There are apartments close to the university that are rented out to students at affordable prices.
    Students can live comfortably and comfortably in apartments with security, internet and smart home systems. Students who want to enjoy Cyprus usually prefer this type of apartment options. The wide selection of Cyprus rental houses allows each student to find a home suitable for their situation. Cyprus, which is one of the safest countries, offers students from different countries a safe and very good life.

    Is it easy to commute to Cyprus?

    Flights to Cyprus are organized very frequently. Turkish citizens can only enter and exit the country with their identity cards. Transport facilities are quite good. In Cyprus, transportation means such as minibuses, buses, taxis and bicycles can be used. Discounted transportation is also available for students. Apart from the plane, a ferry can also be preferred to go to Cyprus. Students usually live close to universities. Thus, transportation becomes easier.

    How is Education in Cyprus Universities

    How is Education in Cyprus Universities?

    Cyprus universities are among the world's leading universities. Universities such as Near East University have very high standards in terms of education quality. Science and research opportunities are opportunities that provide great advantages in universities. Fully equipped universities allow students to research freely.

    Is Life Expensive in Cyprus?

    Cyprus offers average standards in terms of cost of living. Economically, it is almost the same as Turkey. It is possible to live in more luxurious standards. Especially with new housing projects, it is possible to live in luxury residences. There is also a wide variety of additional job opportunities for students in Northern Cyprus, which has a developing economy. If you want to get detailed information about the cost of living in Northern Cyprus, "How Much is the Cost of Living in Cyprus ” You can read the blog post titled.

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